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Poverty In Nigeria

With all the elections going on, I was wondering is any candidate taking the platform to work on reducing “poverty” in Lagos?  A few months ago, I spent two weeks in Lagos, Nigeria.  It was the first time I had flown before, the first time I had visited a Third World Country, and the first time I had seen poverty to such a degree as that.  I am an American citizen, and “yes”, we have poverty in America as well–but not to the level or degree with which I saw there.  No one can change all of Lagos or Nigeria overnight, and it would probably take the wisdom of Solomon to do so, or a freverent prayer and sharp minds in devising plans that would come up with suggestions to start “tackling” the problem.  But reducing “poverty”, to me, should be the one of the most important platform concerns of any candidate running for office.  Imagine this, in our country, we provide “free education” to our students through the public system.  Our students attend decent looking schools, are given free textbooks with which to learn and study, and are provided education from qualified teachers.  I am a teacher myself.  Yet, with the poverty levels being so high in Lagos, parents are expected to take what little money they earn and pay for their child’s education.  What is the government giving back to their Nigerian society if they have to pay for everything and are “not” given the opportunity to improve their poverty-stricken condition?  I fell in love with Nigeria, the people of Nigeria, and I pray that I, can one day, make a difference there.  However, if anyone should be making a difference in the lives of the Nigerian people, their elected officials should be . . 

Sometimes it is hard to understand what an outsider (like me) is really saying until you visit their country and see and experience the ease with which they live . .every country has its strengths and weaknesses, but prayerfully and hopefully with good people in office, the weaknesses will decrease, and the strengths will increase.  It was very hard to believe I was actually seeing what I was looking at .. . I pray my brothers and sisters condition in Lagos, Nigeria will improve and their imagine will not be perceived as negative, for they are just trying to survive for the most part.


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