April General Elections: The gathering storm

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In less than three months from today, close to 61 million Nigerians will be filing out to make history by voting to transit Nigeria from the civilian government of President Olusegun Obasanjo to another. There are indications that the authorities saddled with the task of conducting the general elections are in for very onerous challenges and assignments.

Much as every passing day brings Nigeria and Nigerians closer to the election day, so are the electorate living in palpable apprehension about a possible break of Armageddon. For those who are familiar with the political antecedents of Nigeria about processes of elections, the characteristic anxiety and desperation of the political players during elections could not but come into focus by now.

There are reasons why the April general elections have been generating unceasing excitement on the path of Nigerians. Since Nigeria attained independence in 1960, it has never had a reassuring prospect of experimenting democracy for a stretch of two terms. However, the current civilian regime has offered Nigeria the grace. It pre-supposes that Nigerians who, hitherto had been watching political events from the sidelines are now eager to join the fray as active players.

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