Atiku interview with U.S.Reporters: Obasanjo Plotting to Impose Emergency Rule – Atiku

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INTERVIEW: "I cannot guarantee you. It all depends on his own attitude. If he (Obasanjo) continues with the attitude of wanting to manipulate the elections, by hook or crook, the ruling party must return to power, I cannot guarantee you that there will be peaceful elections."

VICE President Atiku Abubakar says President Olusegun Obasanjo is warming up to truncate the April elections with a view to imposing a state of emergency in the country. Vice President Atiku told a team of American editors in Nigeria to observe preparation for the elections that there was noting, for now, to guarantee peaceful elections in April.

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2 Responses to “Atiku interview with U.S.Reporters: Obasanjo Plotting to Impose Emergency Rule – Atiku”

  1. Jide Alabi says:

    It is sickening to read comments and utterances of Atiku about the current event in Nigeria. If he is highly principled, for Christ’s shake he supposed to have resigned more than 2 years back. Once resigned, he would have been better placed and trusted mounting a campaign against the government. He is part and parcel of the government and cannot claim ignorance of what has happened and still happening. He benefited in no small way from the same system and only started to attach when he realised he would not be nominated to contest as flag bearer of PDP. Atiku is only fighting for his belly.

    In a developed democracy of the west, you can not remain in the government and continue to fight the same. There many examples of people who were dissatisfied with there government and resigned honourably to fight against the system. That is not the situation in Nigeria. How can someone remain in a government and continue to work in opposition to the same government? It is not acceptable. It is not honourable. It is immoral; it is a deceit and a mockery of elective offices. Shame on Atiku! Shame on the people who support him! Atiku has been receiving tax payers

  2. SaiPwa53 says:

    I don’t believe what Atiku is saying is anything to worry about concerning elections in Nigeria.

    Atiku was one of the brains behind the manipulations of elections by the ruling party before.Is he now whinning because he has lost the opportunity to rig elections again?

    Atiku should be a man and resign today then we can listen to his tales of woe as "a saint"being persecuted for his righteousness,EFCC permitting!

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