THE EAGLE LANDS: Atiku Returns to Abuja to Hero's Welcome

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IT might not have been exactly intended so. But that was what the return of Vice President Atiku Abubakar from a month-long vacation in the United States of America ended up achieving for him: a popularity test. Were a grade to be given, it would be nothing short of an A.
His arrival in pictures:

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11 Responses to “THE EAGLE LANDS: Atiku Returns to Abuja to Hero's Welcome”

  1. alukome says:


    *Only 20 people allowed to receive VP at airport

    *Police Commissioner stops AC chiefs


  2. NigerianMuse says:


    Monday, 22 Jan 2007

    Atiku back in Aso Rock

    Ihuoma Chiedozie, Musikilu Mojeed and Ibanga Isine, Abuja

    Vice-President Atiku Abubakar on Sunday returned to the Presidential Villa, Abuja with a vow to continue to fight for

  3. NigerianMuse says:


    Atiku Returns Amid Tight Security

  4. NigerianMuse says:



    Vice President Atiku Abubakar arrived yesterday from vacation in the United States and headed straight for his Aso Rock official residence amid tight security built up at the airport.
    Addressing supporters at his residence, he commended them for

  5. NigerianMuse says:


    Atiku to Nigerians: No to military democracy 22/1/2007
    From Wahab Gbadamosi, Paul Odenyi, Lateef Ibrahim and Lateef Ibrahim, Abuja

    Mobile policemen with menacing looks jumped down from their pick-up van even before the vehicle screeched to a halt.
    One of the gun-totting officers faced the crowd.

    But the crowd took no notice of his gun.

    Their gaze was fixated on a Range Rover Jeep with registration ABUJA 688BWR that conveyed the man who has kept the nation and its president on edge for over a month.

    The driver of the jeep sped unto the Clinton Drive that links the Abuja

  6. NigerianMuse says:



    Full blown dictatorship looms

  7. NigerianMuse says:


    I am back to restore democracy, says Atiku

    Shuns Presidency vehicle

    New security aides take over residence
    From Madu Onuorah, Abuja
    A TOUGH-TALKING Vice President Atiku Abubakar returned home yesterday evening to his official residence opposite the Supreme Court of Nigeria, declaring that he is determined, more than ever, to help make a positive change in the nation’s polity.

    "We are supposed to be practising democracy in this country but this travail I am going through as the Number Two in this country is not proper. We need to pray and fight for democracy in this country. This is not the kind of democracy Nigerians want. We need democracy that will give freedom for anybody to aspire to any position in this country.

    Thank you all for coming out in large crowds to welcome me. I am very much in the race and that is why I was determined to come back to pursue my ambition."

    Atiku, who arrived to a tumultuous welcome organised by his political associates and admirers, said that the struggle for a better Nigeria has just begun.

    His chartered private aircraft had touched down at the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport at 3.43 p.m.

    However, he declined to ride in the official vehicle provided by the Presidency, opting instead to ride in one driven by one of his private drivers.

    At his official residence, a huge crowd was waiting.

    A new team of security aides was however in place at his residence.

    Thanking his supporters for standing by him "even in the face of threats and intimidation," he urged them not to rest, but to continue to fight for the survival of democracy.

    Asking all lovers of democracy to brace up, he stated that what is in place in Nigeria now is "anything but democracy."

    Amidst praise-singing and applause by the crowd at his residence, he noted: "Imagine in a country that is supposed to be free democratically and where all state governments have autonomy, but they are being ordered like soldiers not to belong, not to associate and all that. We need true democracy and true democracy we must have because it is our right given to us by God, by the Constitution and even by ourselves."

    The Vice President promised to address the issue of protection and sustenance of democracy very soon, thanking Nigerians for the solidarity and encouragement given him in his travails.

    At the airport junction where hundreds of his supporters and associates waited to welcome him, his motorcade slowed down, he opened the door of his sports utility van, acknowledged cheers and waved at them. But he said nothing as the convoy drove off.

  8. NigerianMuse says:


    Atiku returns after vacation in US

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