IINTERVIEW: IBB will contest 2007 presidential election

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Former military President, General Ibrahim Babangida (rted) will soon bounce back to contest for this year

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One Response to “IINTERVIEW: IBB will contest 2007 presidential election”

  1. Funso says:

    I think whoever want to campaign for IBB to contest as a Presidential candidate should have done that before now. This is January, election is in April. Let us ask INEC if it is possible to form a political at this ‘eleventh hour’. Who says IBB left PDP because he was not given the Presidential ticket under PDP platform.
    IBB ruled from 1985 to 1993 — he built ASO ROCK. Though he stepped aside for a moment when business was ‘as usual’. Now things has changed ‘OBJ’ is showing ‘good sample’ as the KINGMAKER and ALL-IN-ALL.
    Let me speak for Nigerian, we are tired of those who ‘recycle’ themselves in the corridor of power and later become a clog in the wheel of political circle.
    General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida RTD is able to hold the economy of the country by investing in business that will build up Nigeria as the giant of Africa. Sir, let the people in the corridor of power come to you for advice, you are too old to struggle for Presidential position. We have many Nigerian around the world who can do the job better, let’s be truthful to ourself.
    If it is not possible to invest in emerging technology and economy, IBB can coordinate a foundation that can help the poor in Nigeria — he can start from Minna — Niger state. It is possible to bring those who are willing to serve the nation together, people and corporate sectors will donate funds to turn peoples’ life around.
    There are many cycophants who are looking for a way out to do business ‘as usual’. Nigeria is changing, we want to do away with corruption.
    Something is bordering me about the security of the country. People are building fences around themselves — I think it is possible to combine resources for the security of the masses to attract many multinational companies to come and develop our nation if we cannot do it indegenously.
    I just want to mention that Chief Alex Akinyele cannot stop Chief Gani Fawehinmi from expressing his views on what is true and pursuing good justice. The truth is always bitter.

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