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Sunday Independent

June 12, 2005


significance of June 12


   Today the 12th of June is another
anniversary of that famous election that was conducted under the regime of
General Ibrahim Babangida and was won by the late Bashorun M.K. O. Abiola on the
ticket of the SDP. His opponent was Alhaji Bashir Tofa who competed under the
ticket of the NRC. Unfortunately, the result of that election, locally and
internationally attested as the fairest and freest election ever conducted in
Nigeria, was rudely annulled by a north-dominated military clique that had vowed
that the will of the people of Nigeria that had chosen Abiola to rule over them
was never going to be realised.

The details of this annulment as
recorded by a very key insider of the Babangida regime, Prof. Omo Omoruyi,
contained in his very revealing treatise, The Tale of June 12: The Betrayal
of the Democratic Rights of Nigerians 1993
, confirms that MKO Abiola won
that election clean and clear but certain vested interests within that regime
were very unhappy about the result for many selfish reasons. The June 12
election was to have returned Nigeria to a truly popular democracy in which a
candidate genuinely won the election all across the length and breadth of the
nation. There were no ethnic or religion factors openly at play on June 12. The
election was also to carry out a fundamental geopolitical power shift of power
from the northern to the southern parts of the country without any
conditionality or the usual unfair trade-offs like the types that had more or
less frustrated the

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