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NPRC Day 13:
Thursday, March 17, 2005




What the delegates say

By Chuks Ehirim

Senior Correspondent,

 Toye Olofintuyi (Ekiti

I will comment first on
the models and structures of government. The present structure of three tiers of
government namely federal, state and the local government, should remain.

We should not go back to
regionalism. Some of the states that have enjoyed their independence more than
30 years ago when they left these regions empty handed. Those of them that were
lucky were given pittance as take off grant.

So to ask them to go back
to those regions would amount to nothing, but second slavery and I am sure none
of the states would be ready to. When we left those regions, all the
infrastructures on ground in terms of secretariat, industries, housing estates,
were left behind and our masters inherited them.

Local governments are
complaining that states are pilfering their money. When the regions are created
again, making four tiers of government, the states will be complaining that
regions are pilfering their money.

 Admiral Akin Aduwo (Ondo)

What we have today is the
Road Safety Corps not Road Safety Commission. The commission is the governing
council of which I was the last chairman, from 1992 to 1994.

The Road Safety Commission
should be put back in place as the supervisory authority for the Federal Road
Safety Corps and the name of the corps should be changed to Nigerian Road Safety

So also, the Federal Radio
Corporation of Nigeria should be changed to either All Nigeria Radio or the
Nigeria Radio Corporation.

I now come to my
constituency, the Armed Forces. The reform I will suggest and I will support for
the Armed Forces is the non-interference culture in the political governance of
Nigeria. India, many people have said has two and half million men and women in
uniform. They have fought two wars with Pakistan and a war with China. Some of
their political leaders have been assassinated. There are times in India where
there is no effective government for over two weeks, but the military has never
interfered in its political governance.

In the United States and
Indian, the military have subjected themselves to the authorities of the

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