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Two years into the new administration
in Ekiti State, the State is awash with claims and counterclaims for its soul by
many eminent and not so eminent citizens. Keen watchers of developments in the
State say no fewer than twenty candidates are in the race for Ekiti State
Government House in 2007. It is commendable that so many of our citizens are
keenly interested in ruling the State, but in my view, what Ekiti State really
needs is a collective rescue mission, one that moves beyond individual agendas
and pointless attacks on Governor Fayose. Not to mince words, a crude
privatisation of power is taking place in Ekiti State, with a crippling effect
on the citizens and all institutions of state.


While the personality of the current
governor may be a factor in the cul-de-sac we have found ourselves, the
crisis clearly suggests the need for a concrete alternative approach, if not an
alternative platform, for determining present and future governance. The crying
question is how an alternative may be achieved along the path of 
constitutionality and non-violence. How do we re-invent our State in order to
avoid what appears to be an inexorable rush towards disaster? This is what my
manifesto for transformation is about.


The immediate challenge for all
concerned Ekiti citizens at home and abroad is to concentrate on how to rescue
our people from bad governance, but this is a task that must be tackled
collectively. Unless a critical mass of various other groups that cut across
age, gender, zones and party political affiliations adopt the same positions,
with a more clearly defined collective agenda, the single-issue approach of many
of our compatriots would simply not suffice.  There is an urgent need to build
coalitions in the public sphere, which rise above an elders

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