Nigeria: How to End Corruption in the Police – CP Adebayo

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Lagos State Commissioner of Police (CP), Mr. Emmanuel Adebayo has said with the provision of adequate welfare package for the Nigeria police officers and men, the problem of corruption and its vices would be a thing of the past amongst the security operators.

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6 Responses to “Nigeria: How to End Corruption in the Police – CP Adebayo”

  1. Ayibalaiyefa says:

    With what the commissioner has just said i believe corruption will drastically reduce. we all know its a gradual process. for example the judges in Nigeria were earning so low ever since when there salary is been increased things have been working so well in the judiciary

  2. Nappys says:

    perharps we could try JJ Rolens way

    • Abdul Ademola says:

      Well Orkar tried it & paid with his life. Right now we have a badly compromised & unprofessional armed forces who are little more than incompetent mercenaries. They could not even hold Bakassi against Cameroonian gendarmes. All they know how to is oppressing and killing their own civilians! Really tragic. Every1 just wants a share of the national cake to put in the british brutish banking system…

  3. Babatoks says:

    Well, let’s hope the man knows something that the rest of us do not know, and that he’s right.
    You cannot be a part of the problem and be part of the solution at the same time.

  4. Sunday says:

    while, that’s a good move. Hop such application should be efficiently utilize. But issue of transparency and fear of God cannot be ignored.

  5. Temitope Festus says:

    Well i think to stop corruption in the Nigeria Police will be a good development. But hw do we go about this? Its very simple and easy. I think if the govt can provide for there needs on daily basis dont allow them to lack of anything. May be there should be a shedule of allowances on weekly basis for anything the the said officer may need to take care of him self n family. I strongly believe that with this the extortion from the motorist and others will be completely reduce.

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