Afe Babalola threat to life
December 28, 2006 | posted by Nigerian Muse (Archives)






Please permit me to bother you with matter of grave foreboding to my person.

The concerns shown to me by well-wishers within and outside Ekiti State in  the last few weeks can no longer be ignored, nor can the many insinuations and threats made by Mr. Fayose to and concerning my person. I am afraid that unless I cry out now, I may be guilty of carelessness negligence or complacency.

I do not dabble into politics. I am a nationalist, a patriot and an elder statesman, especially in my home state. I have played very significant roles in the old Ondo State and the present Ekiti State. I expended my time and personal resources to bring Federal presence to both old Ondo State and Ekiti State. So I should be concerned that the dreams I had are fulfilled.


My problem with Mr. Ayo Fayose started shortly after the crisis that
engulfed the state following an attempt on the life of Mr. Taye Fasubaa, the Chairman of Ado-Ekiti Local Government. His Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the Executive President of our dear country had invited me and the parties directly involved to Abuja. I was just then returning from my holidays abroad, but His Excellency asked me to come. Because of the reverence I had, and still do have for Chief Obasanjo, I waived the requirements of my own comfort and went to Abuja. In the resolution of the crises then, and in order that neither party over-stepped his bounds any further in a way that would re-ignite the crises, I stated that Mr. Fayose had no right to have deducted funds that ordinarily belonged to Local Governments. I knew that by that I had hurt the Governor where it pains him most.


On 28th April 2005 sometime after Mr. Fayose?s television programme in which he abused and assaulted me, a copy of which I have in my possession, I received four text messages on my Glo-Moblie Line No. 08055790033.

My first reaction was to ignore them. However, in the view of the concealed sender-number and subsequent events, I am longer comfortable allowing the matter to lie low, or leave it uninvestigated.


A few months after the attempted murder of Taye Fasubaa, Mr. Fayose embarked on a programme of transfer of part of the State Secretariat at Ado Ekiti to his hometown, Afao-Ekiti, situated in another local government. The Ewi in Council and Ado Progressive Union objected. Because I supported my people and objected to the transfer of the Secretariat from Ado-Ekiti, he descended heavily on the Ewi and myself claiming that I was the person who influenced His Excellency, Chief Obasanjo to oppose the transfer.


I built and donated an Auditorium to the Faculty of Law, University of
Ado-Ekiti which was not accredited because of lack of necessary faculty buildings.

I suggested to the Vice Chancellor that since the President was coming to Ado-Ekiti, he should ensure that His Excellency commissioned the project. Mr. Fayose was furious at the suggestion. He boasted that it was over his dead body that the President would commission the project. However, His Excellency graciously commissioned the project which was an example per excellence of what Ekiti citizens should do for the state.

Not only did he ensure that his state television and radio did not carry the news, he vowed to deal with me. In fact, any newscaster who broadcasts any view different from his, does so at his peril.


After the visit of the President, Mr. Fayose made series of television propaganda in which he referred to the visit of the President and referred to me as the useless Elder Statesman from Ado-Ekiti living at Ibadan who told lies to the President about his chicken programme and will be eliminated.



In the Daily Champion of 31st May 2005, Mr. Fayose had granted a press interview published on Page 3 of the newspaper, in which he had state, inter alia:

?I can?t surrender the mandate to a king, a leader, who is not a politician but believe that the governor be in his pocket?


Similarly, on pages 14 and 27 of Sunday Tribune of 29th May, 2005, he also stated in an interview he granted to the newspaper:

?I remember one of the leaders in Ekiti State, from Ado Ekiti, particularly said to me Governor, you don?t look for me. Your predecessor, when I am coming to Ado-Ekiti, will carry jerry cans of diesel and wait for me at my gate. I told him I cannot carry jerry cans of water not to talk of diesel? They should stop treating me anyhow because I am a young man, taking advantage of me. Sometimes, they will say if you don?t come, we know how to handle you?

I am certain that the references to ?an Ekiti leader? in both publications refer to me. It is true that during the few periods of fuel scarcity, both the Military Governor and the former Executive, Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo had allowed my driver to take some diesel from the government pool on the few occasions that I came home, for my generator use. But it did not mean that I compelled them to do so, or that, whatever reason, the Governors were being subservient, or that I could not afford whatever price the diesel my generator would use for a few days, would be sold for. There was never anytime that Otunba Niyi Adebayo waited for me at my gate with jerry cans of diesel, nor did I ever tell or request Mr. Fayose to do so. It is sad that a
Governor would concoct stories in order to boost his ego.


On the 28th May 2005 there was a confrontation between the supporters of the Alliance for Democracy and the Peoples Democratic Party in
Ado-Ekiti. Mr. Fayose was conspicuously observed by people actively
participating in the disturbance. A friend to one of my clerks in the office had called the clerk in the heat of the crisis and told him that Mr. Fayose had said that a person who called himself the leading lawyer from Ekiti should learn from the fate of Chief Bola Ige. He invited his audience to notice the difference in the turnout of people during the burial of Chief Michael Afolabi, an honour which he said Chief Bola Ige did not receive during his burial. According to him, the Ekiti lawyer said that because he (the Governor) was not playing a good boy like former Governor Adebayo, then he would not like him, and that he (Gov. Fayose) could not buy diesel for anybody. He reportedly said that he was watching all his enemies and that he would strike at the right time.


A highly respected leader in Ado-Ekiti told his Highness the Ewi of Ado Ekiti that he dreamt that I was assassinated by the Governor?s men. The Ewi immediately phoned me without telling me exactly what he heard but asked me to expect somebody from Ado-Ekiti. The respected man came to me in the morning of Sunday 5th June, 2005 and told me the story. He affirmed that his dreams usually come true.


When I was drafting this letter, a young man who had worked with me before, came to me and told me that he had an important matter to discuss with me. He told me that it was confidential.

I took him to my room. He told me that he was at Cotton?s Club, Bodija, on Saturday the 3rd of June, 2005, which is frequented by Ayo Fayose and owned by Fayose?s friend Mr. Yemi Arokodare.

He told me that he saw four boys dressed in black and were talking about Fayose and me. He listened. The boys were according to him, thugs and were dreaded professionals. He said the young men said Fayose had told them he would never forgive me for two things: -

(a) That when the President came to Ado-Ekiti I sat with him for about 30 minutes and later the President called Fayose inside and Fayose was not happy about what the President said which according to them was a result of what I told the President.

(b) That Fayose was no happy that the President commissioned the Auditorium at UNAD.

They said that Fayose is their chairman and he had given them money to deal with some of the people. They said they were at Ado-Ekiti and Ifebi-Ekiti on Saturday and that they killed some people.

They said he had given them orders to go into houses and kill people at Ado-Ekiti.


Fayose is reported to have said that he had immunity to kill and that nobody can arrest him. Consequently, some political opponents were reported in the newspapers that they were collecting his criminal activities for necessary action when he leaves office.


We have had four governors in Ekiti State since its creation in 1996 ? two military, two civilians. The violence currently going on in Ekiti, the number of killings in Ikere, Ado-Ekiti and Ifaki ? attack on students or opponents ? are unprecedented. With these antecedents, it will be foolhardy to take the present threats lightly.


My contributions to Ekiti are legion and legendary, and have been applauded by most of our people. Some of these started when governor Fayose was an infant. The structure that I built at the local government level in 1977 remains today the only serious structure still in existence. The University of Technology now in Akure was originally sited in Ado-Ekiti. The establishment was through the efforts that I made to the ruling NPN in the Second Republic. So is the Federal Polytechnic. The University of Ado-Ekiti is a legacy that I bequeathed to the state. Though not a politician, I am deeply interested in the welfare of my people and the development of our
state. I am not ready in any way to shirk these responsibilities now.


I am ready to give the names of people who witnessed the events recounted in this letter or heard the Governor?s vituperations against me for the purposes of establishing the veracity of my claims.

It is my considered view that it is vitally crucial that a felonious matter of this nature should be brought to your notice particularly because of the violence that has characterised the regime since 2003, records of which are available in your office.

I am prepared to assist your investigation by giving names of witnesses and documents including tape recordings.

Please note that should anything happens to me, any member of my family or staff, Governor Fayose would be held solely and wholly responsible. I have helped in building bridges across the country and I am loved and admired by all people I have had dealings with

Governor Fayose is the only exception and only enemy that I know.


It is with great sense of outrage and shock we receive the news of an
alleged plot by some fellows in power in Ekiti State to crudely terminate the life of Chief Afe Babalola.

Chief Babalola, a 73 year old man is our beloved and accomplished son who has given his best to our town, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, and we are proud to say, Nigeria.

It is only an insane man, who is deluded by power that could for whatever reason want to kill a man like Oga Afe who in all his life has refrained from being partisan, and sectarian.

Afe, though sometimes, flirt with being a politician, he has largely put himself above political fray while dedicating his life to his legal practice, his philanthropy, and the task of bringing his people out of the morass of poverty.

In the 2nd Republic Afe was a member of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) but he was loved by all.  That was why when in 1983 the people of the then Ondo State rose to protest the rigging of the 1983 governorship elections nobody thought it sensible to throw a stone at his house not to talk of setting it ablaze as was the lot of other NPN big wigs.

Oga Afe has never contested an election or supported any group against the other in Ekiti.

The Ado-Ekiti people and Ekitis in general love Afe Babalola.  He is a man who stands for everything that is good and honourable.

We shall therefore not stand by watching while some upstarts and people of questionable characters and pedigree terminate his life as the Ekiti warlords are threatening to do.

We are using this medium to send a strong message to those in power in Ekiti that should anything untoward happen to Oga Afe we shall react in a manner that has never been witnessed before in this country.

Since the news of this plot filtered to our people in Ado-Ekiti, the
atmosphere has been charged.  Our people are outraged.  It has taken a great effort on the part of our peace and loving monarch to restrain the youths from taking the law into their hand.  We are joining the Ewi in calling on them to continue to show restraints.

We are however warning that should anything untoward happen to our beloved Afe or the Ewi who in recent times has become a subject of abuse, riducule and denigration by Ayo Fayose, or any Ado-Ekiti son or daughter for that matter, we shall ensure it did not end the way of Chief Bola Ige as they had boasted high profile assassinations end in Nigeria.

We are seizing this opportunity to call on President Olusegun Obasanjo and the leadership of PDP to call Governor Fayose to order.  We revered our Oba, we adore the Ewi institution.  Any attempt by any transient power to reduce our Oba and traditional institutions to a butt of uncivilized abuses and insults shall be resisted by us.

The Ado-Ekiti people at the general elections in 2003 voted en masse for Fayose.  Without our votes he would have by now been back in his used car business in Ibadan.  We do not know him from Adams, but when he suddenly appeared on the scene pretending he meant well, we embraced him and gave him all our support.  Now we know better.

We are calling on him to leave our monarch and elders of our town alone. 

The Ewi is not and has never been a politician.  He is the father of all our people.  Therefore any attempt to kill, harm or ridicule our leaders in Ado-Ekiti shall fail and fail woefully.  We are resolutely united behind Kabiyesi, Oba Adejugbe Aladesanmi II, the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, our leader, Chief Afe Babalola, the chiefs and all the elders of Ado-Ekiti.


1.  Apostle Oladipo Oba
    Ado-Ekiti Dynamic Club

2.  Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi
    Erukulele Movement

3.  Chief J. A. Adetola
    Ado-Ekiti Progressive Union (APU)

4.  Pastor Yemi Olayinka
    Ado-Ekiti Development Organisation (ADO)

5.  Olutoye Ademola
    Assistant Coordinator
    June 22 Club, Ado-Ekiti

6.  The Omowas (Prince  & Princess of Ado-Ekiti)

7.  The Iyalojas (Market Women Association)

8.  Sola Ajakaye (Representing Ado-Ekitis Abroad)

9.  Dr. Ibukun Ogundipe
    Obasitu Reformers Club


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