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Deconstructing Modernity  
July 2, 2010

Bar Elders 'Demoncrazy' By Adesina Ogunlana  
June 28, 2010
nation killing political philosophy of zoning

SNG - Back In The Trenches  
June 27, 2010
Ordinarily, remote observers could have mistaken the Save Nigeria Group’s rally held at Onikan stadium, Lagos last Wednesday for one of the political rallies designed by ambitious politicians towards 2011 elections.

World Cup 2010 South Africa Knock-Out Stages Results  
June 27, 2010
Soccer World Cup June 11 to July 11 in South Africa

PDP, An Embarrassment To Nigeria – AC  
June 27, 2010
The Action Congress on Sunday described the Peoples Democratic Party as a perpetual source of “deep embarrassment” to Nigeria and called on Nigerians to vote out the party from office in 2011.

A Democracy Of Profligacy And Outright Treasury-Looting  
June 23, 2010
A large chunk of the annual budget ends up as salaries and allowances in the pocket of this small percentage of Nigerians. For example, out of the 2009 annual budget of N3.1 trillion, N1.3 trillion or 42% ended up as remuneration for 17,500 individuals in a country of 150 million people. If this is the case, what is left for social and economic development? What is left for constructing roads, improving education and healthcare, providing water and electricity,...

Is Nasir El-Rufai Fighting For A Political Relevance?  
June 22, 2010

Mr. El-Rufai’s political image has been in a downward spiral. And I see a man who is highly distresses and fighting for a political re-emergence in the Nigerian political scenery. He has resorted to sporadic use of the internet as a modus operandi for a political come-back. And one wonders if dropping comments here and there on the internet would serve him any good.

Aondoakaa And Chief Richard Akinjide’s Dirty Prism  
June 18, 2010
Overall, Akinjide’s comments are quite unfortunate and the motives behind them very suspect

Pitfalls Of The Anti-Zoning Argument.  
June 17, 2010
If Jonathan sincerely wishes to abolish rotation; it must be started on a level playing field. What this means is that, he should not run in 2011! He must allow candidates who have no power of incumbency from all the zones to contest and win on merit.

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