7 Million Vehicles Operate On Nigerian Roads – FRSC

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November 16, 2007

7 Million Vehicles Operate On Nigerian Roads – FRSC

              Nnamdi Mbawike

The Federal Road Safety Commission yesterday disclosed that Nigeria currently has not less than 7,000,000 registered vehicles operating on its roads.

The Enugu State sector commander FRSC , Luka U. Ikpi, who made this known during the flagging off of the ember months public enlighten campaign at New Market, Enugu on Tuesday, said the road transport system accounted for over 75 per cent of mobility needs in Nigeria.

Ikpi noted that the statistics, coupled with the near collapse of the rail system and the high cost of air travels, have put quite a lot of pressure on the nation’s road transport industry.

According to him, the problem has caused increased accident and fatality rate in the country, adding that the “development should be of great concern to any state government as well as good spirited Nigerians”

The FRSC boss in the state advised road users and motorists obey traffic regulations and road signs inorder to avert accidents.

According to him, the state sector command, in an attempt to ensure better road safety practices now and in the future, has established 25 Road Safety clubs in both primary and post primary schools in the state in order to “catching them young”.

” The theme of this year’s road safety ember months campaign is ‘Contributing to the Millennium Development Goals Through Better Road safety Practices .The FRSC is hereby making a clarion and passionate call on all motorists in Enugu and the country at large to uphold the rules and principles of safety to be able to survive any threat to live as a result of road carnages. “Those who are already dead have been debarred from contributing their quota to the development of the country. All of us here can testify to the wanton destruction of lives and property on our roads, which cannot be quantified,” he said

He further added “high caliber people and men of proven integrity in both government and private sectors have gotten crashed and died prematurely as a result of road accident. The billions of property that have been destroyed and wasted as a result of motor accident, do not add to the economy nor development of any state, neither the country at large.”


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17 Responses to “7 Million Vehicles Operate On Nigerian Roads – FRSC”

  1. Abraham says:

    The high traffic density caused by the influx of vehicles as a result of breakdown in other transport sector cannot be a problem and resulting to RTA. However, the lackadasical attitude of the upper class of the social strata has cripped into the system thereby causing traffic violations. Effort should be made to equiped the Corps members with adequate legislative backing and the necessary gadgets for successful operation.

  2. lekzy says:

    hi there i can belive dat comment dat 7milions Vehicles operate
    is it true how come .

  3. yusuf garba {ARC} says:

    am yusuf garba {ARC}
    u mean that 7 millionn vehiclw are operating in nigerian roads, is it true how comes?

  4. yusuf garba {ARC} says:

    hi, i cant believe that 7 millions vehichles only operate in nigerian roads, how comes?

  5. Moses Otegbayo says:

    Please can you help me with the number of registered vehicles in Nigeria by form 1980-2000? I need it for my project in school.Thanks.

  6. Homan says:

    Hi ,
    is there any database there you can register your vehicles? how do you know who is ther owner for each car?

  7. Dave says:

    I don’t believe that having many cars on the road contributes to the high rate of accident and high mortality rate in Nigeria, how does one justify that? Do we have more cars than America? are you kidding me? I think the issue is not lots of cars in the streets it is more like lack of streets (good road) for the cars in Nigeria. There are lots of bad roads in Nigeria, this has caused congestion/ accident – which in-turn lead to high mortality rate in very few good roads

  8. kenneth usman says:

    please i need your help on a data on the total number of registered vehicle between 1995 to 2008. Please i sincerely need the data for my project work at school. Thanks and God bless you as you do that.

  9. kenneth usman says:

    please can you help me with data on d total numbered of registered vehicle in Nigeria between 1995 – 2008 for my project research work PLEASE.

  10. Duaa says:

    Please can you help me with the number of registered vehicles in Nigeria by form 1980-2013? I need it for my project in university.Thanks.

  11. Engr Hamis L Z says:

    Dear NM,
    kindly, help me with an approximate or the actual numbers of Vehicles operating in Nigeria as viz:
    1. Cars
    2. Buses
    3. SUV
    4. Articulated 
    5. Big Lorry
    6. medium size lorry.
    Best regards.

  12. Michael says:

    kindly, help me with an approximate or the actual numbers of Vehicles operating in Nigeria as viz:
    1. Cars
    2. Buses
    3. SUV
    4. Articulated
    5. Big Lorry
    6. medium size lorry.
    Best regards.

  13. It’s really astonishing that a huge amount of vehicles operate on Nigerian roads.Very obvious that, if the other mode of transportation’s like air and rail become costlier, the road transportation will be highly disturbed.

  14. MR JOHN says:

    Hyundai i10 cars –
    N990,000 Hyundai Accent cars –
    N1,395,000 Hyundai Getz cars –
    N1,495,000 Hyundai Elantra cars –
    1,881,000 Naira Hyundai H-100 truck –
    N1,881,000 Hyundai Sonata –
    N2,295,000 Hyundai H-1 wagon –
    N2,499,000 Hyundai Tucson SUV –
    N2,695,000 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV
    – 3,699,000 Naira Hyundai Azera –
    N4,995,000 Hyundai County Bus –
    N4,995,000 Hyundai Veracruz SUV
    – N6,995,000 CALL MR JOHN 08108703752

  15. It is surprising that the total number of registered vehicles in Nigeria posted by the FRSC is still that of 2007. Please release this information to the public domain even if it for reference purposes only. Thank you.

  16. Abubakar Haruna Aliyu says:

    but what are the minimum cars that are not in use in Nigerian

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