Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria

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Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts.

“It took me eight months to build this one,” he said, sweat pouring from his forehead as he filled the radiator of the banana yellow four-seater which he now parks in the grounds of his university.

The chopper, which has flown briefly on six occasions, is made from scrap aluminium that Abdullahi bought with the money he makes from computer and mobile phone repairs, and a donation from his father, who teaches at Kano’s Bayero university.

It is powered by a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine and kitted out with seats from an old Toyota saloon car. Its other parts come from the carcass of a Boeing 747 which crashed near Kano some years ago.

Read More:http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/nigeriahelicopteroffbeat

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21 Responses to “Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria”

  1. MoAl says:

    Very impressive

  2. Samuel Olakunle Araoye says:

    Our government need to start fishing out skillful people like Mr. Abdullahi, put them in an institute of research for innovations like this. Such gesture would go a long way for a better tomorrow in our dear nation, Nigeria.

  3. MoAl says:

    I agree Samuel. There will hopefully be a day when Nigeria develops a vehicle-making industry that rival the industries in countries like Germany, Japan, and the United States. Innovative people like this can be the spark.

  4. Dominic says:

    This is awesome. Research institutions are good, but I am not so hopeful at this point in time. Just give us .. er .. electricity, good roads and security, and a genuine respect for the rule of law. Industry and private enterprise will take care of the rest.

    • Jerry Eton says:

      Dominic, you have said it all. Cannibalising vehicle parts to assemble a moving (or flying ) vehicle may be ingenious, but not enterprising enough to genuinely carry this country forward. We need good roads to take us to our villages and constant electricity to power industrial efforts before we start flying our dreams in the wind. Be of good courage Mubarak M. Abdullahi. You need motivation by way of easily available infrastructure to achieve even higher goals.

    • Mohammed Bello says:

      you are on the money brother. well said…

  5. Donald says:

    May God help you, Amen
    Donald Germany.

  6. Thomas, Matthias Ayobami says:

    Cannibalization is mark of ingenuity. An undergraduate with such talent should be encouraged to do more.

    • munir kurawa says:

      What an impressive comment. To let a brilliant boy like Abdullahi without support from government is a shame. Our leaders are disfuntional that never should have been elected.

  7. Awaritoma says:

    The same feat was performed in Eghosa Grammer School in what is now Edo state over 25 years ago,… nothing came of it.

    We should give credit where credit is due, The Lad has shown resourcefulness to get this far. If the Government can’t help, then it is up to us as citizens to exploit such opportunities.

    Beyond empty criticism, what else are the rest of us contributing? Remember that we can all give something back. We can not rely on students to build roads, provide electricity and give you the rule of law.

    Abdullahi, well done! you have done your part.

    • Sammy says:

      well done to abdullahi,you must be very intelligent am proud of you and am also proud to be a nigerian,you can contact me to see may be it will be good thing to hear from you my self


  8. bakare abd rahmon .o. says:

    fantstic indeed !
    it needs to be encouraged and promotted
    its something to be proud of
    great Abdullahi …….. great Nigerian

  9. chaz kay says:

    What a great great guy. Well done Abdullahi..
    If every nigerian will come up with an idea of fixing problems at different levels then Nigeria will be a better place for all.
    Take our stupid politians for example, they are good at having many wives and hundreds of children and when ever there is a chance they steal the our money.
    No wonder in 2008, we are still a 3 world state , without basic needs of life like security, good transportation system and electricity…


    This is ingeniuos and government and well to do individuals must encourage this ventures. It has high potential of moving this country forward. Remember, other ventures like this were not encoraged, this tends to discourage individuals thus making us lose out.

  11. Digare Ahmed says:

    Hello I have seen what Mr. Abdullahi did may G-d help him amen. Also that sound nearly my story I did developed Hausa/English Translation software which can be found on my website http://www.difonet.page.tl and yet nobody care of say how good or bad is seems like so I want you people to atleast say something. Thank you

  12. Alan says:

    This is brilliant – why has not the Nigerian government noticed and capitalized on homegrown intelligence of one of their own. Get with it Nigeria

  13. mubarak says:

    Thanks for the good comments,may god bless.
    I am the person that build the helicopter,anyone that feels like contacting me here is my No. +44 (0) 7771129454
    and my Email address: Mubarakmuhammad@gmail.com or mubiaction@yahoo.com My website is: http://www.mmec.8k.com (on facebook also)
    I am now in united kingdom.
    Thanks once again.
    Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi.

  14. baba says:

    Allahu Akbar.

    some of the above commentators are saying cannibalizing parts to make a chopper is not a feat? how the hell did japan became the technological Juggernaut today?

    perdition to everyone in the Nigerian government, national assembly, and the judiciary who is instrumental to allowing such a talent to escape to UK (of all places!

    Mubarak, may Allah grease your elbow with divine grease!

  15. Dede Gideon says:

    our gvt is sooooooooooooooo backward,they never give priority to intellingent innovations like this,if this abdulahi did a bad thing now,there will be so much noise about it,its high time we celebrate and encourage goodthing so that others can be encouraged

  16. donydricks says:

    wonderful mubarak, I wish u good in all ur endeavours and the almighty God add more grease to ur elbows.

  17. maxwell says:

    something good can also come out of africa

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