Singapore Hangs Tochi

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Singapore has executed two African men for drug smuggling after rejecting appeals for clemency by Nigeria’s president, the UN and rights groups. Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi, 21, of Nigeria, and 35-year-old Okeke Nelson Malachy, a stateless African, were hanged at dawn.

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13 Responses to “Singapore Hangs Tochi”

  1. NigerianMuse says:


    for some background on this sad story

  2. tk says:

    Rest in please african brothers

  3. Gbenga says:

    this is unfair. the world is moving gradually to a state of nature in one way or the other. state of no mercy.

  4. Gbenga says:

    this is unfair. the world is moving gradually to a state of nature in one way or the other. state of no mercy.

  5. trumpsound says:

    The Appeal of The Nigerian President came too late. This shows how our government care less about her citizens. We must begin to have proper statistics of our people where ever they are and know what happens to them.His appeal was just to fullfil all righteousness. The judgement has already been passed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This wil hlep many nigerian to leave drug smuggling.

  7. Lammy says:

    I looked on on the previous articles comments from outraged Nigerian. Now the sentence has been carried out I note the outrage continues but let me ask you this.

    Singapore is a country that has capital punishment and everyone entering the country is warned about it especially on the drugs issue. Use drugs, sell drugs, transport drugs and you better be ready for punishment. Hence Singapore has very little in the way of drug related problems.

    Secondly my outraged friends, before you set about Singapore let me also ask you this.

    Why the outrage? Nigeria currently has 736 inmates facing death who were convicted on the basis of written confessions that many said were extracted under torture. 80 of these inmates were sentenced with NO right of appeal! 58 people were hanged in ONE day?

    One man, Arthur Judah Ange, has been on death row for more than 10 years watching and hearing his fellow inmates rattle their chains towards the gallows and you lot cry for a couple of DRUG Smugglers who are responsible, if only in part, for the misery and death of thousands!

    Nigerian, put your own house in order before decrying a country that treats these degenerates harshly

  8. Aore khoe says:

    It’s like this drud issue is out of hand, hence look at the situation in South Africa. Drugs, prostituation and the list goes on my brothers and sisters you should change your way of life not just in Africa but all around the world. It’s a disgrace. My condolences to the family.

  9. Rob says:

    Singapore changes their law retro actively in order to ensure that the Minister Mentor and his son cannot be found guilty. However reserve the right to kill people. As such they can regarded as mentally unstable. Dangerous country.

  10. ajie chijioke paul says:

    law is a guided principles and rules that check and control to a considerable extent peoples behavior in of given society.the gravity of offense defers from state to state.therefore,Tochi’s execution by singapore government is not out of place.

  11. onowu says:

    hello African lets rise up and make our black race be use and respectful to the whole world. these has become a problem in Asia,in china killing and betraying our brothers and sisters.

  12. Alo emma says:

    I think people should fear God and do what is right not just because of the punishment 4 evil thing,pushing drugs is a sinful business there is no two ways about it so any consequence received from it should be taken in good fate by such individual

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